All Deck Technical Data

Applicable Standards

The ALL DECK Coating System has been tested in accordance with I.C.B.O. Standards, by recognized testing laboratories for the following properties:

For Walking Roofs

  • Class A Fire Rating over Non-Combustible Surface.
  • Class B Fire Rating Over Combustible Surface.
  • Flame Spread: 30
  • Fuel Consumption: 10
  • Smoke Density: 5 (per ASTM E108)
  • Spread of Flame: (per ASTM E108)
  • Intermittent Flame: (per ASTM E108)
  • Burning Brand: (per ASTM E108)


  • UBC 32-7
  • U/L 790
  • NFPA Class B
  • UBC Class I

Additional Tests

  • Breaking Strength: 40-132 lbs/inch
  • Elongation: 21-32% (per ASTM D2523)
  • Peel Strength: (per ASTM D903) lbs/inch.
  • Plywood 11-18, Concrete 3.3-7.6
  • Vapor Transmission: (per ASTM E96)
    0.18-0.22 meter
  • Waterproofness: (per ASTM D3393)
    2 weeks of 1/4″ water pressure, no detectable water.
  • Coefficient of Friction: (per ASTM D-2047-82)
    Sprayed: Ave. 0.64
    Rolled: Ave. 0.58
    Troweled: Ave. 0.67
  • Abrasion Resistance: (per ASTM D 1242)
    Sample: 2.574 cubic cm., (19.5 mils thickness)
    Accelerated Aging test, ASTM D 756
    Procedure D: Free Film/ 1/2% Plywood Substrate/ -6.6% Concrete Substrate/ -1.1%
    Procedure F: Free Film/ -1.5% Plywood Substrate/ -4.7% Concrete Substrate/ -0.9%
    Tensile & Elongation Test, ASTM D 751
  • Post Accelerated Aging Average
    Procedure D-10202.0- 5.9
    Procedure E – 7435.4 – 4.98
  • Bond Strength Test, ASTM C297
  • Post Accelerated Aging Plywood Average:
    Procedure D: Ultimate Load 934.86 Bond Strength 103.89
    Procedure E: Ultimate Load 827.23 Bond Strength 94.24
  • Post Accelerated Aging Concrete Average:
    Procedure D: Ultimate Load 1079.24
    Procedure E: Ultimate Load 1195.76 Bond Strength 51.94
  • Percolation Test. Acceptance Criteria For Walking Decks:
  • Drop in Water Column After 48 Hours Average 0.16 Inches.
  • Weatherometer Test, ASTM G23:
    2000 Hour – There was no evidence of surface cracking, blistering, flaking, chalking, or any other deleterious effects.
  • Tensile & Elongation Test. ASTM D751 – Average Procedure 6:
    After 2000 Hours, Max. Load Lbs. (436) – Tensile Stress (PSI) 7,726-Elongation @ Break -4.8
  • Water Absorption Test ASTM D570 – Average 4.63%
  • Non-Toxic

Thermal Properties ALL DECK CementAve. Rate of Heating0.9 ° F/min.1.1° F/minMaximum Temp.131° F.144° F.Ave. Rate of Cooling1.1° F/min.1.0° F/min

ALL DECK Coating System

Complies with California and Federal V.O.C. Guidelines.
Test Results are available upon request

Other Technical Data

Approximate Coverage of Product

ALL DECK Laminating Resin:40-60 SF/gal.

ALL DECK Textured Basecoat:100 SF/gal.

ALL DECK Finish Resin:125 -150 SF/gal.


Periodic cleaning with stiff bristle push broom, ALL DECK Deck Cleaner, and plain water.


ALL DECK is available FOB the manufacturer. Product Price List available upon request.


10 Year Limited Warranty: Complete warranty information is available upon request. Valid only when issued in writing by FSC Coatings, manufacturer of the ALL DECK System.

Technical Services

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