All Deck Specifications


1. PRODUCT NAME: All Deck Coating System

5360 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121
(800) ALL-DECK (255-3325)

3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:ALL DECK is a waterproof, fire-rated, non-skid coating system developed in 1975 to protect a variety of walking and driving surfaces from damage and deterioration due to traffic and weather extremes.

Basic Uses: ALL DECK is a versatile coating system which can be used in a multitude of applications; from commercial to residential, to heavy industrial. It can be applied to any traffic-bearing surface and used on a wide variety of substrates, including: old and new concrete, weathered and new plywood, asphalt/bitumen, steel, masonry, magnesite/diato, exposed aggregate in concrete, or epoxy matrix.

ALL DECK can be used on any traffic-bearing surface including driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, sun decks, stairways, balconies, roofs, plaza decks, and parking structures of residential, commercial, or industrial properties like homes, apartments, hotels, motels, office Buildings, shopping centers, factories, educational and military facilities, and amusement parks.

Composition and Materials: The ALL DECK system is formulated with waterbased acrylic resins and is fiberglass reinforced for strength and durability. The system consists of fiberglass mat, Laminating Resin, Textured Basecoat, and Finish Resin, applied over the entire substrate.

The system also includes compatible preparation and repair products.

Colors and Patterns: ALL DECK and Confetti Finish, are manufactured in 26 beautiful designer colors. Plus unique one-of-a-kind custom colors can be produced to match, compliment, or enhance existing color schemes. ALL DECK can also be used to recreate logos, design murals, or to stimulate textures and patterns such as brick, tile, or stone, with standard plastic stencils, or custom templates.

Advantages: ALL DECK is quick and easy to apply and requires no special tools.ALL DECK is virtually weatherproof and provides a seamless, non-skid surface. It is also waterproof and fire-resistant, providing a durable surface that will last for years, even under the most abusive conditions. ALL DECK is available in several textured profiles to accommodate application requirements.For example:
(1) ALL DECK Sports Court.
(2) Trowel formulas for food preparation and service areas, handicap ramps, or locker rooms.
(3) Clear Finish for interior flooring.

ALL DECK will not leak, peel, chip, bubble, lift, or crack due to weather conditions or heavy use. Surface cleans easily and is virtually maintenance free.Use ALL DECK to repair old or damaged surfaces, protect or waterproof an area, or to cover a new surface. No matter how it is used, ALL DECK provides a beautiful new walking or driving surface every time.

ALL DECK is ADA compliant as well as building and health department approved. It is non-toxic, emits no noxious fumes, and is environmentally safe.

Limitations: The ALL DECK Coating System breathes out moisture trapped below the surface; therefore, it is not intended to be used as a below-grade waterproofing system. Do not allow the ALL DECK Coating to remain submerged for extended periods. Do not cover an ALL DECK surface with any non-breathing carpets, mats, or coatings. Material should not be applied over waxy, greasy, or powdery substrates, or at temperatures below 50° F. (10° C).


5. INSTALLATION:Preparatory Work: Prepare substrate in accordance with manufacturer’s printed installation instructions. Concrete should be acid etched and patched. Plywood should be flashed at perimeter and joints should be cleaned and primed; exposed aggregate concrete should be sealed and patched; and asphalt should be cured for at least four months and then treated like concrete or magnesite.

Methods: ALL DECK is applied as a three layer system. The first layer consists of fiberglass mat bonded to the prepared substrate with the ALL DECK Laminating Resin. Begin application by cutting in edge and coves of fiberglass mat with Laminating Resin.

Roll Laminating Resin onto mat with a 3/4″ (19mm) nap roller and moderate pressure. Repair wrinkles and bubbles by slitting and rolling out.

The second layer is the ALL DECK Textured Basecoat, consisting of Basecoat liquid and a bag of aggregate mix. Mix Basecoat liquid and bag of aggregate. Apply by roller, brush, trowel, or spray with hopper gun.

The final layer is the ALL DECK Finish Resin applied by roller. Curing time is approximately two to three weeks; however, ALL DECK may be walked on as soon as it is dry to the touch.

Precautions: Use ALL DECK products with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist. Coverage:(approximate)ALL DECK Laminating Resin: 0.98-1.48m2/liter (40-60 ft.2/gal.)
ALL DECK Textured Basecoat: 2.09-2.46m2/liter (85-100 ft.2/gal)
ALL DECK Finish Resin: 3.06 m2/liter (125 ft.2/gallon)

6. AVAILABILITY and COST: FOB the manufacturer. Product price list available upon request.

7. WARRANTY: Ten-Year Limited Material Warranty: Must be issued in writing by manufacturer. Sample of warranty is available upon request.

8. MAINTENANCE: Periodic cleaning with stiff bristle push broom, ALL DECK Deck Cleaner, and plain water.

9. TECHNICAL SERVICES: Available from manufacturer. (See Part 2. Manufacturer)10. FILING SYSTEMS:SPEC-DATA II
This SPEC DATA unit may be cross referenced to 09700 – Special Flooring and 09800 – Special Coatings.
Sweet’s Catalog Section 07570 General Building & Renovation, Homebuilding & Remodeling.
Additional product information and installation instructions are available upon request.

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