All Deck Care Maintenance

Your new All Deck application is permanent, if properly applied over a correctly cleaned and prepared surface. It contains U.V. inhibitors to resist fading. You can change the color of your surface in the future, if you desire. Should any damage occur, the coating can be quickly and easily spot repaired.

Repair kits are available from the manufacturer. Each kit contains enough All Deck Patching Com-pound, All Deck Laminating Resin, All Deck Textured Basecoat (roll formula), All Deck Finish Resin, and Fiberglass Mat to repair 25 square feet. The kit costs $99.95 and is available in all 26 standard colors.Treat your All Deck coated surface the same way you treat your carpets and other flooring and it will last for years.

To help you with the care and maintenance of your coated surface, we are providing you the following information.

1. Don’t clean or scrub the newly coated surface until the coating has cured (approx. 2 -3 -weeks).2. When All Deck is used on a driveway, don’t drive on the newly coated surface until the coating has cured.

3. To avoid damage to the coating, protect the coated surface with plastic before painters, etc. start working.

4. Don’t put hot things, such as hibachis on the coating.

5. Place caps on the legs of lawn furniture to prevent scarring and discoloration.

6. Don’t drag sharp objects, such as snow shovels with pointed edges, across the coated surface.

7. To avoid mildew growth, don’t place solid mats or indoor-outdoor carpet over the coating. If necessary, use snap together plastic grid-patterned tiles that allow the coating to breathe.

8. Don’t grind out cigarettes on the coating.

9. When the coating is used on driveways, avoid spinning hot tires on the coated surface.

10. To avoid scarring and staining of the coating, place plastic sheeting under heavy objects such as planters.

11. To prevent staining, remove spilled liquids such as paint, dyes, foods containing strong colorants, leaves, grass cuttings, other vegetation, and animal waste, immediately.

12. To maintain the integrity of the waterproof coating, repair damaged areas immediately

13. Don’t use solvent-based cleaners such as MEK, acetone, or lacquer thinner on the coating.

14. Don’t use mechanical tools to clean the coated surface.

15. Don’t use high pressure sprayers, or pressure washers to clean the coated surface.

16. Periodic cleaning of the coated surface with a stiff bristled push-broom and a cleaning agent will prolong the life of the coating.

17. Use All Deck Deck Cleaner*, detergent, light abrasives, diluted bleach, or common household cleaners to clean the coated surface.

18. Let the cleaning agent sit on the dampened surface for at least 1/2 hour before scrubbing the coating with a push-broom.

19. Keep the area damp until scrubbing is completed.

20. Rinse the cleaning agent off the coated surface with ordinary tap water and a garden hose.

21. Stubborn stains and discoloration can be hidden by recoating the affected area with All Deck Textured Basecoat and All Deck Finish Resin

22. To retain the non-skid effect of the coating, no more than two recoats of Finish Resin should be applied.

23. To maintain the integrity of the coating, don’t coat an All Deck coated surface with any other manufacturer’s products.

* All Deck Deck Cleaner costs $10.95 per quart – $31.95 per gallon. It can be diluted up to 9 times with water or used full strength.

Need further assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. We’re here to help.