Sports Court Finish Application

1. The All Deck Sports Court Finish Textured Base Coat Kit contains a modified aggregate mix that provides a finer, lower profile texture. The texture is suitable for playing tennis or other court games.

2. The Textured Basecoat Sports Court Formula is spray applied with a hopper gun. The air compressor setting should be between 85 – 95 PSI.

3. Use a compressor that has at least 4.2 CFM.

4. The hopper gun trigger stop should be open no more than 1/4″ to achieve the desired results. This trigger setting provides more air than material to be released as you spray the Textured Basecoat.

5. This technique creates more overspray, though. Therefore, it is important to mask all surrounding structures at least 3′ – 4′ up the vertical surfaces before beginning.

6. Test the spray gun pattern on a piece of cardboard before spraying the material on court surface. Once the desired texture pattern is achieved, you can begin application of the Textured Basecoat. It is the combination of finer aggregate and higher air pressure that gives you the more uniform texture profile.

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