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Product Overview

All Deck Coating System

The All Deck Coating System is a fiberglass reinforced, flexible, liquid applied, skid resistant, waterproofing system. Perfect for foot or vehicle traffic areas like driveways, sundecks, stairways, balconies, pedestrian and plaza decks, parking structures, or rooftop recreation areas such as sports courts, and swimming pool decks. All Deck is weatherproof; so snow, heat, humidity, or freezing temperatures will not harm it.

Sure-Foot Decorative Finish

Sure-Foot is a cementious based, decorative traffic topping that can be used on sidewalks, walkways, pool decks, and patios. Repair and cover unsightly, damaged concrete, asphalt, and tile inexpensively. Combine colors and stencil patterns to create beautiful custom designs.

Sports Court Finish

The Sports Court Finish is a modified version of the All Deck Coating System's regular Textured Basecoat. The Sports Court Finish is specifically formulated to provide a perfect profile for playing tennis, or any other court game. The application technique coupled with the special texture creates a winning playing surface every time.

Level Quick Surface Leveling Compound
Level Quick is an acrylic resin reinforced, cementious leveling material. Level Quick may be applied over just about any surface, including tile. Once the surface is smooth and uniform, then any of our products can be applied over Level Quick.
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X-R Roof Coating

X-R Roof Coating produces a long lasting, waterproof, seamless, protective coating that gives years of trouble free use. X-R Roof Coating has elastomeric qualities and excellent adhesion. Suitable for use over almost any substrate.

Environmental Barrier II Wall Coating

Environmental Barrier II wall coating is a waterproof protective barrier for any exterior wall. Protects and beautifies both old and new surfaces. Fade resistant. Conceals cracks. Prevents deterioration due to harsh, damaging elements.

Hi-Flex Waterproof Underlayment

Hi-Flex is flexible, fiberglass reinforced, waterproof membrane that is applied between the substrate and finished flooring such as tile, vinyl sheet goods or carpet. Hi-Flex slows vapor transmission to an acceptable level so water doesn't affect the flooring installation. Above grade, Hi-Flex also eliminates water seepage into rooms below.

Accessory Items
We inventory all the important accessories that you may need to assist with your All Deck Coating System installation. (Items such as Compressors, Hopper Guns, Fastac Construction Adhesive, All Deck Cleaner, and much more!)

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